Wescoal Mining

The executive business strategy, guided by the main board, has reduced costs and improved profitability through the introduction of efficiencies across all operations.  The team has seized the opportunity within the improving economic climate to once again present shareholders with a strong financial performance.

 Now no longer a junior coal miner but from its new status as a midsized mining and resource trading enterprise, the business continues to seek ways to increase its presence as a key component of our country’s energy supply chain while looking at diversification and the export markets with increased focus on managing risk. In the M&A arena the successful Keaton transaction is being rolled out under a consolidation strategy opening the way for further acquisition considerations.’Robinson Ramaite – Non Executive Chairman


We will be a dynamic black-owned and black led coal company which champions socio-economic change and transformation. We will lead the industry in environmental sustainability, stakeholder partnerships with communities, employees and shareholders.

Core Values

The following values speak to traits that should be evident in our organizational behavior moving forward:

Delivery – we are focused on meeting our value commitment to our stakeholders.
Dynamic – we have the agility to succeed in a changing environment.
Integrity – we have the courage to act fairly and responsibly in all we do.
Accountability – we take ownership for the impact of our actions.
Well-being – we create an environment for our employees and communities to prosper and excel.


 To play a leading role in delivering a reliable energy source in a manner which adds transformational value to society.