Social and labour plans

As required in terms of Regulation 42(1) (a) of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, No 28 of 2002, Wescoal has social and labour plans in place at its mining operations. As part of its social and labour plans and in support of education, the Group sponsored four students, two of whom have completed their studies.

Wescoal Mining in conjunction with the DMR, local community forums, local and regional councils create, manage and monitor all the commitments of the social and labour plans to the benefit of the local communities where its operations are located.

Key elements covered are: basic skills development; educational support for tertiary studies; learnerships; internships and SMME development. Specific focus is placed in the skills development of local communities that is tied into Wescoal’s local economic development programmes.

LED Projects

The company is actively engaged on driving Local Economic Development (LED) projects as part of its social commitments. This is being achieved through a focus on supporting and developing SMMEs around its various mining areas.

A major focus for Wescoal Mining, as part of the SLP and LED focus is to develop housing for the immediate communities that are affected by mining activities. The housing development project, associated with Intibane involves the building of 18 houses. Nine of these have been completed while there is steady progress on the rest. In this process local people are trained with the necessary skills, within the vision that the last houses will be entirely built by local trained contractors.

Wescoal Mining actively pursues opportunities to develop local SMMEs to provide services to the mining operations. One such initiative at the Elandspruit Mine entails the total outsourcing of the laundry services.

Wescoal ensures that the local communities around the mining areas reap the benefits of a safer and more accessible road access by maintaining road infrastructure to a safe standard. Where the risk of civilian roadways intersecting with mining activities, communities, local and regional councils as well as provincial authorities embark on projects to move road infrastructure.

CSI programme

The company remains committed to its CSI programme. In the period under review the company undertook CSI initiatives ranging from community upliftment projects in the mining space including ad hoc construction projects to renovate primary school facilities area and financing upgrades to local mobile clinic infrastructure using local contractors.

a) Sewing Project

  • Equipment and renovations
  • Material and working tools
  • Training participants

b) Bakery Project

  • Equipment and renovations R550 000
  • Initial stock and supplies R65 000
  • Training participants R25 000

Total R640 000

Wescoal Elandspruit


Local Economic Development 

  • Housing Project Building of 18 houses R3 400 000
  • Water Supply R350 000

LED Spend R3 900 000


Local Economic Development  Khanyisa was on Care & Maintenance last Financial Year, therefore no flowing capital for LED Projects, however, the following were executed:

  • The farming project clearing of the site and preparation for farming and seeding Spend R200 000
  • Transporting School children from Khayisa and surrounding areas to Phola Spend R120 000

Total Spend R320 000


  • Grass-cutting Initiative Spend R95 000 spent on acquiring lawn mowing and grass cutting tools
  • R40k per month on Reatlegile Primary School to maintain their ablution blocks. We supply cleaning detergents and toilet paper as well as the cleaner.
    Spend till 31 March R280 000
  • Donations to 4 Hospices and 3 Primary Schools within our mine footprint, R30k each. Total Spend R210 000 (Golf Day Proceeds)
  • Donated 350 pairs of shoes to Nkangala Executive Mayor drive to donate 1 million school shoes. Total spend R80 000 (Golf Day Proceeds)
  • Donated R12 000 to Ndebele Chief (Arbor Community) for Initiation School Programme
  • Donation to Mhluzi Community Forum for elderly people Christmas gifts valued at R9 000
  • Reatlegile Primary School ablution block upgrades R680 000
  • Reatlegile Primary School jungle gym R65 000