wescoal enviroment

Wescoal Mining are committed to protecting the Environment and the surrounding communities. We believe it is the right of every employee and effected parties to work in a safe and healthy environment whilst in the employment of the company. We recognizes the value of the environment to the community and future generations. We will work towards sustainable development through responsible mining and operations.

The company is committed in achieving excellence in all business activities including Environmental Management. In its endeavours to achieve this, every operation in the company comply with all the relevant laws and regulations pertaining to the Environment.

It is our responsibility to ensure all employees and affected parties are informed of the risks and hazards associated with environmental impacts. Training on employees are executed to ensure that our environment is not harmed in any way caused by our Mining activities.

We monitor the environmental effects of it’s activities on employees and affected parties and that is done by reviewing environmental performance regularly.

We communicate transparently with stakeholders through policies to promote initiatives to continuously reduce environmental risks associated with Mining activities.

Manage environmental risks on a site-specific basis to achieve planned environmental outcomes through complying standards. Minimize the impact of operations on the environment management systems based on internationally recognized standards.

Wescoal Mining is committed to rehabilitate sites or areas disturbed by company activities to comply with the applicable approved Environmental Management Plans. It should further be noted that the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) regulations pertaining to the financial provision for prospecting, exploration, mining or production operations are adhered to.

Wescoal Mining ensure best practice on sustainable development in surrounding communities. They ensure that the long-term impacts on soil is minimised by replacing all available topsoil on the rehabilitated soils, establish natural vegetation on the disturbed areas and control alien invasive species and also ensures that the areas not required for the proposed mining activities are not impacted.

Wescoal Mining applies the following three objectives to all its operations:

  • Ensure that the potential impacts of the proposed mining and civil construction operations on biological diversity and cultural component of the environment are assessed within a planning process and incorporated in to field management procedures
  • Monitor and manage those activities that have, or are likely to have, temporary impacts on biological diversity, the cultural component of the environment, groundwater or other land users, and facilitate rehabilitation so as to minimize such impacts if they occur, and
  • Avoid undertaking any activities which have, or are likely to have, long-term significant adverse impact(s) on biological diversity, cultural components of the environment, groundwater or other land uses.