wescoal enviroment

Highlights (at 31 March 2019)

  • R30 million expenditure on environmental protection during 2019
  • Additional resources at all sites appointed and trained in environmental protection
  • Electronic tracking Isometrix HSE system rolled out across all group mining operations
  • Formal tracking of carbon emissions underway
  • Audit of environmental policy

As a coal mining company, Wescoal recognises that its activities of extracting product and generating earnings will impact the environment.

All our sites maintain rehabilitation plans so that remediation of land is in compliance with approved environmental management plans and the National Environmental Management Act.

The following objectives are applied to all operations:

  • Ensure that the potential impacts of the proposed mining and civil construction operations on biological diversity and cultural component of the environment are assessed within a planning process and incorporated into field management procedures;
  • Monitor and manage those activities that have, or are likely to have, temporary impacts on biological diversity, the cultural component of the environment, groundwater or other land uses, and facilitate rehabilitation so as to minimise such impacts if they occur; and
  • Avoid undertaking any activities which have, or are likely to have, long-term significant adverse impact(s) on biological diversity, cultural components of the environment, groundwater or other land uses.