One of our key milestones during the year was the transformational acquisition of Arnot Mine which will boost Wescoal’s asset base and transformation targets as 50% of the mine is owned by its employees who were retrenched by the former owner of the mine. – Reginald Demana, Chief executive officer

We are committed to playing a leading role in driving transformation within the junior mining sector and our majority black ownership continues to set us apart from other miners. We have improved/sustained our B-BBEE rating and we are now a B-BBEE Level 6 contributor with between 51% to 59% black ownership and more than 74% black employees. With the employment and integration of women in strategic positions, Wescoal continues to drive gender balance within its structure from top-down.

The philosophy and principles of transformation in redressing past inequalities have proven to contribute not just to the organisation’s bottom line but also in making it a company of choice and an example leading to a better South Africa.